Audition Announcement


"Scripture Cake"

A Southern Cuisine Movie


Saturday, January 14th 1:00 PM
UNCG Carmichael Studio


Principal Photography, March 2006

Carolina Pinnacle Studios



David Bryant
sure to put "Scripture Cake" in the subject line

or contact Emily Edwards 336-334-4135


Carmichael Building is located on the UNC-G campus on Walker Avenue at Tate Street



Character List

Character / Age
Lines / Scenes

Sidonie Moon Pruett (early 60s)

56 speeches, 186 lines, 9 scenes

Mother to Irene, Britta Jean --grandmother to Newley, Stacy, Barth, Paige –sister to Archer, Hamlin, Half-sister to Jasper, Caucasian

Hamlin Moon (late 50s)

56 speeches 161 lines, 13 scenes

Sidonie & Archer’s younger brother, Jasper’s half brother, Caucasian

Newley Bitterman (9)

Major character 42 speeches 89 lines 13 scenes

Sister to Paige, Barth, Stacy, Daughter to Britta Jean, Sidonie’s granddaughter, Cousin to Jazz, Caucasian


StacyMoon Bitterman (16)

40 speeches 116 lines 9 scenes

Daughter to Britta Jean, Sister to Paige, Newley, Barth; Cousin to Jazz, Sidonie’s granddaughter, Caucasian


Alma Moon (late 40s)

34 speeches, 92 lines, 4 scenes

Jasper’s Wife, Jazz’s mother, African-American


Jasper Moon (late 40s)

29 speeches, 59 lines, 5 scenes

Alma’s husband, Jazz’s father, half brother to Sidonie, Hamlin, Archer, African-American


Britta Jean Moon Bitterman (40s)  

26 speeches, 6 scenes

Sidonie’s daughter, Newley, Paige, Stacy and Barth’s mother, Caucasian


Irene Moon Pruett (30s)

26 speeches, 5 scenes

Sidonie’s youngest, Caucasian


Paige Moon Bitterman (19)

20 speeches 40 lines, 7 scenes

Sister to Newley, Stacy, Barth, Britta Jean’s Daughter, Caucasian


Jasper Moon, Jr. “Jazz” (13)

14 speeches, 6 scenes

Cousin to Newley, Stacy, Barth and Paige, Alma & Jasper’s son. African-American


Archer Moon (64)

13 speeches 32 lines, 2 scenes

Sidonie’s oldest brother great uncle to Newley, Paige, Barth, Stacy; half-brother to Jasper and Nainsi, Caucasian


Coleen Moon (60s)

11 speeches, 29 lines, 5 scenes

Archer’s wife, Hamlin and Sidonie’s sister-in-law, great aunt; to Newley, Paige, Barth, and Stacy, Caucasian


Barth (15)

3 scenes, 9 speeches

Sidonie’s grandson, Britta Jean’s son, Brother to to Newley, Paige, and Stacy, Caucasian



4 speeches, 2 scenes



Young Sidonie (teen)

2 speeches, 3 scenes,

Sidonie in the early 1960s, Caucasian


Young Hamlin (pre-teen)

1speech, 4 scenes

Hamlin in the early 1960s, Caucasian


Young Archer (teen)

No speeches, 2 scenes

Archer in the early 1960s, Caucasian


Nainsi Moon (5 or 6)

No lines, 7 scenes

Ghost and in flashback African-American


Baby Jasper (baby)

No lines, 4 scenes

Jasper as a baby/flashback, African-American


Babette Moon (20s)

No lines, 2 scenes

Cecil Moon’s 2nd wife, African-American


Uncle Ferrell (40s)

One scene/photographs/no lines

Cecil Moon’s brother, flashbacks, Caucasian


Cecil Moon (40s)

One scene, photographs, no lines

Hamlin, Archer, and Sidonie’s father, Ferrell’s brother, Babette’s husband, Caucasian


Sheriff (adult)

one scene, no lines