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Drama: Graduate foreign exchange student, Nora (Alison Walls), sets out to photograph the rural South before bulldozers destroy its rustic, magical beauty for strip malls and condos. Her adventure goes astray as she gets further into the backwoods. Her car breaks down and her assignment gets as lost as she does. Nora encounters Effie (Jane Hallstrom) who tries to help, but complicates Nora’s problems with her own demons. Effie tells the story of Israel Summerfield (Logie Meachum, Two Soldiers), a moonshiner and Avenel Cannon (Juan Fernandez, Walker Texas Ranger, Felicity, To Serve and Protect), an escaped convict who ends up making a deal with the devil to enslave an otherworldly entity. Nora’s outsider status makes her incapable of realizing that the magic she seeks to preserve has already found her.

Winner of the Broadcast Educators Association (BEA) "Award of Excellence" 2009!

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Popskull & High Art: With multi-talented musicians, Max Drake (guitar/mandolin), Matt Hill (guitar/lap steel/banjo), and Chuck Cotton (drums/percussion), providing the basic “mash” for this distillation, Julie Bean (vocals), FJ Ventre (upright bass), Theresa Drake (percussion), Logie Meachum (guitars/vocals), Scott Manring (banjo/mandolin), and Juan Fernandez (vocals) add backing to the high shots, tempering “Popskull & High Art” to 100 proof. The result is an intriguing chronicle of legends and tall tales with superb musicianship from all involved.

The CD has been getting airplay in the US and Europe!

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Drama: Scripture Cake, A Southern Cuisine Movie tells the story of two sides of one family divided by race and misguided law. The quest of a grandson to find his family history causes both families to dredge up bad memories, skeletons, and a history they once suppressed. The parent's search for their absent son bring the two families together in the kitchen where they discover that shared family traditions help to dissolve the awkwardness and lingering resentment, reuniting the two families after a generation of bitterness.

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Drama: Root Doctor follows the quest of four women as they search for the infamous root doctor, Onzi Jack, and a cure for all their troubles.

This is a 2 DVD set.

contains the drama "Root Doctor", Behind the scenes footage, Cast BiOs, and Music Video.

DVD TWO: contains the documentary "Folk Medicine", and several how-to videos for Making Tinctures and Teas.

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Soundtrack: Root Work is the original music soundtrack for Root Doctor. Rousing electric and acoustic blues music written and performed by Peter May (acoustic guitar), Mike "Weso" Wesolowski (harmonica), Bobby Kelly (electric bass), Kelly Pace (drums) and Bryan Smith (electric guitar). A terrific addition to any blues music collection. Check out our friends at, or

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